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Utilise existing space to turn your car park into sustainable energy, without sacraficing valuable land
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Solar Car Parking

We are FlexiSolar. Our design, manufacturing, installation and operations company are specialists in the integration of solar PV, electric vehicle charge-point stations and commercial carports including large scale solar car parking facilities.

FlexiSolar, specialists in the quickly emerging technology of Solar PV and EV charging stations, as well as solar car parking facilities and fully integrated solar solutions. Many vehicles on the UK roads are now hybrid or electric engines, the time has come to capitlilise on this fantastic technology that offers numereous benefits with very limited drawbacks other than initial cost. Many companies now are pushing to be more environmentally friendly, a great step towards this is the use of solar carparking or solar carports, these allow companies to utilise existing space and turn that into both energy and profit.

FlexiSolar offer a number of solutions for customers with either plenty of spare land or existing car parks, by turning a car park into a solar car park you are both creating great environmental policy as well as constantly generating energy, one of the myths about solar energy is that it isn't useful in cloudy climates such as the UK. This couldn't be further from the truth, solar works in daylight, and as the technology for the panels has improved as has the battery storage capabilities and government schemes offered when you feed back into the grid.

We offer two main types of product for solar car parking, one is our T-Frame Carport, this is perfect for large areas. Vertical posts are positioned up to 7.5m apart with a typical 3 bay span. A number of T-Frame structures are available, depending on the size and position of the carpark. We also offer V-Frame Carports: The FlexiSolar V-Frame Solar Panel Carport systems feature a lightweight, cost effective steel frame. Vertical posts are positioned between standard 2.4m carpark bays with a typical 3 bay span to cover 6 bays. Frame ground anchor dimensions are an equivalent width of standard bay markings (typically +/- 155mm). Bay dimensions are not reduced and good parking within bay lines is encouraged.

We have been in the industry of installing structures such as canopies and walkways for over 25 years as well as solar carports since their emergence. Our focus is on aftermarket support and advice surrounding the installation of your solar car parking facilities. All solar carports can include guttering, water management, LED motion controlled lighting, CCTV installation, advertising & branding and EV charging points as well as other options based on budget. No size project is too big or too small, we have plenty of domestic customers who needed shelter and charging for their personal vehicles.

If you'd like to know more please browse the website and take a look around, alternatively you can call us on the number at the top of the page where we can offer you a free, no obligation consultation.




We gather data on car park layout, location and usage, electrical systems and energy consumption, connection to the grid and property searches.

Design & Plan

We design and optimise the system; ensuring planning permissions and grid agreements are in place and options to incorporate the latest battery technology are reviewed.


We manufacture and construct the carport and solar PV system, with full site management adhering to CDM regulations and including cabling, trenching and connections.


Once operational, our specialist Operations & Maintenance team manages and maintains the system to ensure optimum performance and peace of mind.

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